Sal Buscema Hulk Commission

Well, I have not posted to this blog in a long while.  Not sure anyone is reading them but me anyway.  But here’s a new post for  myself to read, lol.  My love for the Hulk started because of my parents.  We would go to flea markets or old book stores and I would alway buy old back issue comics.  Back then they were three comics for a dollar.  My favorite comics were of course of the Hulk.  I was always pulled into the amazing art on the covers and interiors.  Sal Buscema was and is my favorite Hulk artist, followed very closely by Herb Trimpe.  I do have a commission my Trimpe and I wanted something to go with it.  I was lucky enough to get a commission by the man himself, Sal Buscema. I do have two published pages by Sal, but something made for me personally is just to Incredible.  Take a look I hope you enjoy it.  I know I do.


Her is the piece by Herb Trimpe that inspired this piece.








Sideshow Premium Format Green Hulk Statue

Not much is better than new statue day. There is just something cool about opening up a new statue. Problem is the first one of these bad boys that I got was really messed up. The head wouldn’t even fit on the body. But sideshow was nice enough to replace the piece at no cost to me. The second statue is perfect. This has now become one of my favorite Hulk statues. I know people complain about sideshow all the time. But they do make some very cool statues. Although I do wish their quality control was a little better. This is the third statue that I have had to send back for replacements and I only collect one character. Back to the statue. The exclusive head is my favorite of the two. It just fits the statue better in my opinion. But I do also like the regular head as well. The seam is noticeable but I like that I can switch out the heads to give the statue a different look. I really like that the heads are completely different and not just the same sculpt with the mouth open or something. Well off to the pictures. Sorry I was so excited to get this guy in a case I forgot to take pictures first, so sadly all the pictures are from behind glass. Hulk premium format statue number 128/1000.

Hulk 1/4 statues
Sideshow Hulk Premium Format Statue
Regular Head
Sideshow Hulk Premium Format Statue

XM Studios Hulk Silver Collectors Coin

Here is the silver collectors coin that comes with the XM Hulk statue. There were only 250 of these made and shipped out with the statues. It’s pretty cool and shiny. My precious!!! Going to flip it to help make tough decisions. Who am I kidding I’ll put it in the case so I can look at it being protected behind glass.

XM Studios Hulk Silver Coin
XM Studios Hulk Silver Coin

XM Studios Incredible Hulk Statue

I love collecting statues. They are probably my second favorite thing to collect behind vintage Hulk stuff. I have to tell you this statue is completly badass. I’m pretty cautious about buying things that are made over seas. Just don’t really trust it. Lucky for me I found one of these, that was being sold by a local company. The statue is just plain awesome. The last couple of years have been great for Hulk statues. I love the Hulk Maquette, its one of my favorite 1/4 statues. The Gladiator Hulk is also just completly insane. Then you have this one which I feel is just on another level. The muscles on the Hulk are just huge. The paint is just so awesome and detailed. Not to mention that there were only 500 of them made, which makes it pretty damn rare. The only downside is the price, it was expensive. Well thats enough from me check out the pictures. Hulk by XM Studios in 2014, #156 out of 500.

XM Hulk Statue
XM Hulk Statue
XM Hulk Statue
XM Hulk Statue
Hulk Statue Display 1/4 Scale

Hulk and Spiderman Pistolet Lance Roquettes 1980

I’ve been collecting Hulk stuff the majority of my life. Sometimes even I find things that I have never seen before. This is one of those toys. I probably haven’t seen it because it was obviously not sold in the USA. This particular toy was sold in France. See the French not only helped us win the American Revolution but they also have great taste in toys and superheros. I have had toys like this in my childhood but they break after about 30 minutes. So I think I’ll keep this one in the package. Hulk and Spiderman Pistolet Lance Roquettes made by Pin Pin Toys in 1978.

Hulk and Spiderman Pistolet

1978 Marvel Superheroes Spin-A-Race

Remember when games didn’t need to be plugged into a power outlet? Little things like this were meant to be bought for road trips where the only source of entertainment was a game like this or counting cars. This particular game seems to be based on luck and not skill. Probably not that fun to play. But the Hulk’s image makes it awesome none the less. 1978 Marvel Superheroes Spin-A-Race by the Larami Corporation.